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Vangelis Liberoupoulos is an award winning commercial director.

Vangelis studied Communication and Journalism at St. John’s University, New York. He then went on to study film at Rockport Maine. Parallel to his film studies he worked as a Free lance Assistant Photographer for various fashion Photographers and artists in Europe and the US. He then moved on and worked as an A/D for Promos & Documentaries.

After studying film and working for a period as a fashion photographer in United States, Vangelis returned to his native Greece, intent on building up his reel.

Whilst still a Fashion Photographer, Vangelis was offered the opportunity to direct commercials and he quickly developed a reputation as one of the most interesting and innovative directors of his generation to emerge from the region.

The next 15 years saw Vangelis developing an accomplished body of work, as he directed award-winning campaigns for some of Greece’s leading brands including ALPHA BANK, PIRAEUS BANK, CRAFT, COCA COLA, COSMOTE, FORD, SEAT, P&G, VODAFONE, OTE, OLYMPIC GAMES 2004, to name a few.

Across his career directing commercials, Vangelis has always strived for perfection; his treatment of images has evolved from the sophisticated world of post-production to a closer, special and very human perception of reality. A man of many visual talents, Vangelis is as comfortable with filmic narratives and performances as he is with more technique driven pieces. His work is defined by its beautiful composition and a cinematic quality that captures real emotion. It’s the telling of good stories with his specific touch of sentiment that makes Vangelis’s work so engaging and enjoyable to watch.

Whilst Vangelis is keen to develop his commercial showreel, he also has a number of longer form projects in development.


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