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Stella Salumaa was born in Tallinn, Estonia.

After completing her undergraduate degree in Cultural Theory studies at Tallinn University, she went on to earn a Masters Degree in Animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

At the moment, Stella is pursuing her art career in London, doing freelance animation and illustration. Currently also working at Jellyfish Pictures on a project called "Floogals".

Her animated music videos:

The Giving Style "By the Horns" 2015
Photoindustries & IvanTwoThree "1,2" 2013
Imogen Heap & Deadmau5 "Telemiscommunications" (As part of 20 animators group) 2012 / 2013
Argo Vals "Tsihcier" 2012

Her animated short films:

Sleepwalker 2012
Playing with Food 2011
Packed like Sardines 2010
Sweet Dreams! 2010

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