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Jordi Ortega is a Writer/Director.

He began his career as an investigative TV journalist and has also worked as an advertising copywriter. He is a graduate of Pilar Alessandra's On The Page screenwriting program.

His first films were the TV documentaries "El cotxe d'en Xavi" (Xavi's Car) and "L'habitacio de la Nuria" (Nuria's Bedroom), experimental portraits shot in partnership with the characters that aired on Spain's national public television (2000, TVE-2).

Then followed the independent documentaries "Poetry Slam" (2005), showcasing some of the best emerging poets in the United States, and "American Politics All You Can Eat" (2009), about the electoral system in the US, featuring an interview with Sean Penn.

In 2009, he directed an industrial video for the general shareholders meeting of Grifols, a world leader in plasma products.

In 2011, his web commercial "Dragon thirst ready," shot in English, Spanish and Spanglish, helped the Latin soda brand Jarritos reach 1 million Facebook "Likes."

In 2012, Ortega directed the music video "Just Give Me Bichola" by COSMOPOLiTAN (SourPop Records), which was first launched online by the alternative music site Al Borde, and then broadcast on MTV Latin America.

Born in Barcelona (Spain), Jordi is the founder of the Los Angeles-based production company TORO BRAVO.

Current projects include the documentary Teen Court, about a peer/youth court in Watts (South Los Angeles), a Sci-Fi feature film about space exploration, and a TV pilot on summer love stories.

Why work with Jordi?

Having worked from the production, ad agency & client sides, he has a unique understanding of the internal process of commercial story making, compliance, and the ability to stay in-strategy. As a formally trained screenwriter, he has a story-strong vision across diverse genres, short and long-format. In addition, his multicultural viewpoint and empathic personality ensure films will connect with audiences globally.

Contact: (+1) 323 363 7746 -- -- @jordiortegatv


"Xavi's Car" (2000) Documentary
"Nuria's Bedroom" (2000) Documentary
"Poetry Slam" (2005) Documentary
"American Politics All You Can Eat" (2009) Documentary
"Creation" (2009) Corporate video, Grifols
"Dragon thirst ready" (2011) Commercial, Jarritos
"Just Give Me Bichola" (2012) Music Video, COSMOPOLiTAN
"Vivelo" (2013) Promo, MundoFOX
"H" (2014) Long-format commercial, State Farm (spec)
"Teen Court" (in production

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