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  1. I downloaded this file and scrutinized it on my computer, and it's not good.... IT'S FRIGHTENINGLY GOOD! This blows away my old $1200 Sony cx550v, and even when compared side-by-side with the Panasonic GH2 footage (https://vimeo.com/19278765) filmed…
  2. Bye Bye 7D... differences are so negligible, anyone considering spending 2.5X the price for the 7D should have their psychological status examined (strictly for video, weatherproofing not withstanding). Plus the T2i = added advantage of size (much…
  3. rmode commented on San Diego Night
    This is really, really great. Does the NEX5 have a internal intervalometer, or did you use an external trigger/timer. Thanks.
  4. rmode commented on The Mall
    Hi, thanks for posting this.... I see you also used a NEX-5.... so.... how do they compare for video? Can you lock exposure of the HX9v or have any manual override? How about hx9v vs. nex-5 for low light shooting. Appreciate the insight, as not too…
  5. This is extremely impressive.... thanks for posting. 2 things.... has Sony updated the firmware so that you can select shutter speeds manually or lock exposure in video mode? I shoot in eu often, and unless I can set the shutter speed to 1/100, I…
  6. This is a fantastic video! Great work. I love seeing something this good from a $450 camera. Somehow, I'm less impressed when I see good stuff from a $4000 5DmkII w/ L Glass. Getting this from a compact point & shoot takes talent. Can you offer…