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Freddy Knop is a Berlin based composer, musicologist and mastering engineer. While pursuing a musicology PhD, Freddy worked as a lecturer and researcher in the field of 20th century music and audio technology, specializing on classical and popular music production and composition (Technical University Berlin, University of Hamburg). In 2013 he founded the LISTENERS Mastering Studio in Berlin. As an active solo artist he released records with various international labels such as Mush Records (Los Angeles), Circle Into Square (Portland, OR) and Creaked Records (Lausanne, SU). Freddy is one third of the Berlin based post-whatever trio mOck.


  1. Erased Tapes
  2. Altin Village & Mine Records
  3. Robot Koch
  4. Anthony Ciannamea / Effixx
  5. Bernd Plontsch
  6. RYAT
  7. beeple
  8. walter gross
  9. Hior Chronik
  10. Adrian Woodhouse
  11. Mush Records
  12. crowny-productions
  13. Ripl
  14. nina wenhart
  15. Froggi Records
  16. Tidy Kid