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Juanjo Arques trained as a dancer at the Conservatorio de Danza in his hometown of Murcia, before moving to Madrid to join the Ballet Victor Ullate. Having reached soloist level in Spain, Arques moved to London and the English National Ballet next, before finally settling in Amsterdam at the Dutch National Ballet as a second soloist. His extensive career enabled him to work closely with such choreographers as Van Manen, Van Dantzig, Forsythe, Makarova, Wheeldon, Pastor, Morris, Deane, Corder, Ratmansky, and Dawson; as well as appearing in the works of Balanchine, MacMillan, Cranko, Ashton and Nureyev.

Alongside his dancing career, Arques is a gifted choreographer working with modern language fueled by a desire to communicate thought-provoking material. Working closely with Dutch National, the company have performed two of his works Minos (2010) and Consequence (2012), with a third commission confirmed for 2014 in collaboration with the dutch visual artist Krijn de Koning. Elsewhere Arques’s work has been acquired by the Slovenia National Ballet (Miniatures [2011]), and the Compañía Nacional de Danza in Spain, in a co-production with the german-american choreographer Heidi Vierthaler (Unsound [2012]).

In continuing his education as a dance-maker Arques has entered choreographic competitions in both Hannover and Copenhagen (2012), enabling him to keep up with current practices and future developments within the dance genre.

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