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prajna paramita parasher is a filmmaker/scholar and multi-disciplinary artist practicing at the shifting intersection of classical thought and new technologies. Born in the foothills of the Himalayas, she began her education as a filmmaker in Paris and went on to earn a Ph.D. at Northwestern University. Currently she is an Associate Professor, Chair of the Art, Design and Communication department and Director of the Film and Digital Technology program at Chatham University. Her personal focus on postcolonial studies comes to realization in several forms. Her films Unbidden Voices (1989), Exile and Displacement? (1992), Yeh hi hai – Hieroglyphics of Commodity (1998-02); and installations, Image becomes Thought (2000), The Perfect Cleavage (2001), A Door Without Walls (2001), A Ripple Effect (2002), Nazrah: No Space is Empty (2002), Zero at the Bone (2003), Another Homecoming (2004), FlickerFusion: What The Dark Leaves Behind (2005), Pierced by the Prism of Shadow (2006-2007) and A Beholding (2007,08 and 09) turn to concrete form the political, economic and philosophical concerns addressed in her first book Retrospective Hallucination: Echo in Bollywood Modernities (2002). She has also co-edited two books – Kalaa: Fieldnotes from the Interior and Time Space Light Consciousness (2004). Her creative work is experimental and has been shown across the United States of America and abroad in venues from small towns to the Smithsonian Institution, Carnegie Museum, Brooklyn Museum, the San Francisco Cinematheque, the Nehru Center, London and the Tagore Center, Berlin. Already part of the canon at major American Universities, her films are used in Ethnic, Diaspora, Cultural and Women’s Studies. Her most recent work (on canvas and paper) is sourced in painting, film, photography and Sufi poetry. She has received recognition via multiple fellowships, awards and grants.

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