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I guess I would say I was a "Producer" because I produce stuff that people watch on tv. Unfortunately, I never get credit for most of the stuff I "produce". Cinematography and aquatic-cinematography are my true passions and what I think I am genuinely good at. I have a degree in marine biology and aquatic cinematography was the area I specialized in after graduating in 1990. Bringing images back to the surface for all to see is my passion and how I started making underwater documentaries.
I have also done extensive video work in the motorsports industry. From 1994-1997 I was executive producer of the Raceweek program on ABC, which was produced out of Des Moines.
Motorcycles and motorcycle racing have also always been a passion of mine and I have been fortunate to be able to blend my need for speed with my need for good video. Many hours of my on-board footage has been used on all of the major networks.
However, my extensive video background is not limited to water and asphalt. My camera has taken me to many places for many different reasons. From nature work, extreme skiing, and flying to urban perspectives I have found myself pushing the button.
In my spare time, I like to make videos of fun things for my friends and family. Vimeo has become a cool place to post vids of the kids and recaps of adventures I have had. All of the vids I have posted so far represent something special to me and are not intended to exemplify any sort of professional whatever. This is my shoebox in the closet...

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  • Ocean Awareness - This is my facebook page where I post items from my research and updates about my coral reef documentary project. Please visit the "Ocean Awareness" page and give us a "like".


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