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David Hancock’s work concentrates on the notion of a 'Generation X'. He attempts to make palpable the psychological gap between the world that we physically experience and the psychological states through which it is apprehended. Though his use of watercolour on paper, he presents escapist fantasies, whether through youth subcultures, the fantasy worlds of computer games or by directly referencing historical utopian visions.Rooted in the tradition of Romanticism, Hancock appropriates signifiers are taken from historical works of art, sources and themes. In his current work he has immersed himself in the Cosplay subculture, where participants act as their favourite avatar in the urban landscape.


David Hancock graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1996 and has been exhibiting widely since. He has appeared in a number of prominent exhibitions such as the John Moores 21, Young Masters and the BP Portrait Prize. He has had solo and group shows across the UK and Europe as well as New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Hong Kong. He is currently undertaking a PhD at University of Salford. Hancock had solo exhibitions at Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Touchstones, Rochdale in 2013 and in 2014, at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe.

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