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Tjasa Ferme was born and raised in Slovenia to a rock'n'roll musician father Leon and mother Dusica. She already acted as a child and played alto saxophone. She graduated from the prestigious National Acting Academy (AGRFT), receiving a Vesna award in 2006 (Slovenian National Film HYPERLINK ""; Award), the Sever's prize for her acting achievements in classical roles in 2005/6 and a Special Mention from the jury for Best Actress of the Film Festival FF600 in 2007.
In 2007 she moved to the USA to train with the Double Edge Theatre. She has played many leading and principal roles in feature films since; Revolution of Everyday Life-Tribeca's permanent collection, Who's the Midnight Girl, shot in Rio De Janeiro, Two Pints Lighter, Errand Boys and Dutch Kills.
Tjasa performed on Slovenian stages in the blockbuster musical Cabaret as naughty Helga/Brunhilda, in an adaptation of The Cherry Orchard: Smole's Orchard and an adaptation of Medea at the Slovenian National Theatre Drama. She also toured with worldly sough Via Negativa in their Incasso. In 2008 she became an actress in residence with the cell theatre in New York. She had a major role in the groundbreaking Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass (directed by Jeremy Bloom, produced by The Cell Theatre).
Tjasa wrote and performed a one woman show Adventures of a Slovenian in New York (The Cell Theater) and a full production of Cocktales at the Abingdon Theatre in co-production with the cell theatre and The Internationalists. She also guest starred in a Slovenian sitcom "Lepo je biti sosed". Her short film Ophelia's Flip (director and lead actress) premiered in Cannes Film Festival this year. Her training includes MFA in drama acting from the National Academy of Slovenia (Stanislavsky), The Double Edge's physical and vocal training (Grotowsky), Siti Company's Suzuki and Viewpoints master training, devising theatre with the TEAM and much more. Tjasa loves to travel and pick up new languages and accents. She speaks five languages.

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