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Diamantis Tassis

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Born in Athens, Greece in 1975


1992-5Graphic Arts, ΚΕΤΕΚ N. IRAKLIOU, Athens
1994 Drawing, ΙΕΚ PLAKA, Athens
1994 Photography, POFPA, Athens
1994 Marionette design and making, CAMPUS ARTS & SCIENCES, Athens
1995 Paper making and papier mache sculpture, CAMPUS ARTS & SCIENCES, Athens
1997 Glass Art, CAMPUS ARTS & SCIENCES, Athens
1997 Wax modelling and candle making, CAMPUS ARTS & SCIENCES, Athens
1998 Mosaics, CAMPUS ARTS & SCIENCES, Athens


1994 Photography, Kostis Palamas building, Athens
1994 Painting, Kostis Palamas building, Athens
1995 Marionette and papermaking, Campus Arts & Sciences, Athens
1997 Presentation, Club Decadance, Athens (Solo exhibition)
1998 With all the colours in the pocket, Pireos 81, Athens (Red cross building)
1998 Christmas art objects, Deste Foundation, Athens (Artstore)
1999 LOVE, Deste Foundation, Athens (Αrtstore)
1999 Easter exhibition, Kalfayan Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
1999 Give space, Patmou & Karavia estate, Athens
1999 PRET A(RT) PORTER, Deste Foundation, Athens
1999 Aeginian pottery, Cultural centre of Aegina, Aegina
2000 Red, Hoha applied arts, Athens
2000 H2O, Hoha applied arts, Athens
2000 Art objects, Kreonides Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
2000 Regina rosas amat, Hoha applied arts, Athens
2001 4.1, Epi kolono, Athens (Solo exhibition)
2001 Give space, Patmou & Karavia estate, Athens
2001 WWF "Toxic", Deste Foundation, Athens
2002 Strange Screen, Moni Lazariston, Thessaloniki
2002 Digi 01, Epi kolono, Athens


MAR 02 Micro Music Theatre
MAR 02 Babalu
APR 02 House of Art
APR 02 Micro Music Theatre
APR 02 Grafiti
APR 02 Mad
MAI 02 Micro Music Theatre
MAI 02 Liospori cafe
MAI 02 An club
JUL 02 Train (Nicosia, Cyprus)
AUG 02 Community Center of Patmos
AUG 02 Havana Club (Syros)
OKT 02 Digi 01 (Digital art festival)
NOV 02 Loop
DEC 02 Almondobar
JAN 03 Babalu
JAN 03 Almondobar
MAR 03 Almondobar
JUN 03 Fete de la mousique (Klaufmonos sq.)
JUN 03 Synch festival (Laurio)
AUG 03 Samothraki dance festival
AUG 03 Almondobar
JAN 04 Almondobar
JUN 04 Fete de la mousique (Kotzia sq.)
AUG 04 olympic (Omonia sq.)
AUG 04 olympic (Thisio)
AUG 04 olympic (Omonia sq.)
AUG 04 olympic (Thisio)
AUG 04 Alta mar (Ikaria)
OKT 04 Festival comic babel (Technopolis)
OKT 04 Ston Aera

Work experience

1994-5 Studio photography, Line ΑBΕΕ, Athens
1997-8 Assistant to artist (painter) Anna Mathiou
1998-9 Exhibition and educational programs supervisor, Deste Foundation, Centre of Contemporary Art, Athens
1999-0 Assistant to decorator and designer Stamatis Zanos
2000-1 Graphic design, Drop in magazine
2001-2 Organization of digital art festival “digi 01”
Video productions / Member of the audio-visual group "Color Sound"
2001-4 Member of the music band "Palyrria"
2000-15 Video productions

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