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Atlanta GA

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I am a filmmaker from Atlanta Georgia. My most recent projects include the special effects work on V/H/S (First segment, Amature Night) and my set dressing work on the past 7 seasons of the Walking Dead. I also made a feature length documentary about the real life autistic super hero Danger Woman! It won the audience award for best documentary feature at Atlanta Film Fest, check it out! I'm also the festival director of The Buried Alive Film Festival. I've been making my own films for since 1998 and I have many more to come. I hope you enjoy my work!


  1. Destruction Inc
  2. Cargols!
  3. Jakub Kouril
  4. Studio Rosto A.D
  5. Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat
  6. James Bickert
  7. DangerWoman
  8. Brett W. Thompson