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Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Matthew moved to New York to attend the Pratt Institute. While getting his hands dirty with all things art, he fell in love with photography and began his career in conceptual still life.

Matthew’s minimalist yet detail-obsessed approach to still-life photography drives a portfolio of distinctive images that pair bold, evocative visual concepts with flawless technical execution.

A self declared “mad scientist of art and engineering,” Matthew has never been satisfied with the standard tools available to him and early on began constructing and modifying his own equipment to achieve his vision for challenging projects and shots. Among his maverick inventions are a large number of specialized lighting rigs that reduce post-production and create images rich with depth and detail. More sci-fi constructs include a computer timing system that controls all actions on set and a suite of pneumatic catapults and other robotic tools for achieving complex visual moments.

Especially in splash photography, the world of motion and still visuals overlap significantly, which lured Matthew into applying his approach to still-life photography to a series of motion projects. In 2010, Matthew’s foray into the world of motion visuals was acknowledged when “The Huber Experiments, Vol. 1” was selected out of over twenty thousand submissions and honored as one of the 25 videos on YouTube’s ultimate playlist. The video was unveiled and presented at the Guggenheim Museum.

Matthew continues to explore innovative ways to create bold, distinctive still life product photography, splash imagery, and high-speed videos.

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