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Paul Stevenson is an expert on strategic default and the creator of
the Strategic Mortgage Default System, a comprehensive multi-step
process designed to help underwater homeowners and investors answer
the question, "Should I walk away from my mortgage?"

Paul's experience with strategic default began when he faced two
mortgages of his own that were 70 perent under water in the wake of
the real estate market collapse.

Confronting this serious threat to his financial future, Paul quickly
realized there was nowhere to turn for a clear, concise explanation of
the risks, rewards, and process of strategic default. Instead, what he
found was half truths, conflicting information, and a host of so-
called experts who only made the process murkier.

A year of research, thousands of dollars spent on attorneys and
accountants, and the experience of successfully disposing of his
problem mortgages made Paul an expert on strategic default. The
experience also left him with the desire to utilize his expertise to
help the millions of fellow homeowners facing similar threats to their
financial future. Paul created the Strategic Mortgage Default System
in response to this need.

Paul Stevenson has declared 2010 as "The Year of Strategic Default"
and dedicated himself to teaching "Everything You Need to Know BEFORE
You Stop Paying Your Mortgage."

You can find out more about Paul Stevenson and the Strategic Mortgage
Default System at

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