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"We deliver unique and differentiated solutions as the result of a deep involvement in, and careful assessment of our customers core business drivers. What we deliver and how we do this is perceived as the reference for the market".

- my personal passion lies within architectural facade illumination. Career experience is hands-on with international sale, team & project management, sales coaching and business development to and for BtB within the commercial project market.

A variety of markets has been served including retail, sports, outdoor advertising, theme parks, corporate branding and residential. Earlier on substantial works within museum, exhibition, corporate-event and conferencing. 16 years of experience within above as a whole.

Selected works:
LEGO Global Brand Retail, Foot Locker flagship store (Milan), Thornico Building (Rotterdam), TEDx conferences (Germany), Danish Pavilion at EXPO 2010 (Shanghai), Cloudscapes at the Architecture Biennale (Venice), Eurovision Song Contest 2007 (Helsinki) and 15th Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society (Copenhagen) are among, not to forget the new facade illumination at Confederation of Danish Industry next to the City Hall in Copenhagen.

Soon to come, a high profile project for "Formula 1 Supremo" Bernie Ecclestone heiress Tamara Ecclestone in London.

How you would see me:
- Building marketing and sales strategies with acumen
- Driving the commercial process and aligning all influencers
- Risk-analysis and legal assessment to secure wins
- Ability to change business models meeting KPIs and higher ROI
- Integrating competition analysis and setting differentiators
- Confronting issues head-on with action and speed
- Pipeline management
- Multi disciplinary skills within international sales and team coaching
- Driver behind probability and conversion rate improvement
- Involved from concept to finalization
- Delivering unique and differentiated solutions
- One with passion, drive and integrity

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