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I am a marine scientist, photographer/ videographer and documentary maker.
I have been working as a freelance photographer/videographer since 2006 and doing a PHD in Wageningen University on marine biology.

I am involved in several natural documentaries some of which involves
Sponges & Coral Spawning HET KLOKHUIS-NTR
Caretta sea turtles/ One million year voyage -IZTV

I just finished a sponge diving short movie IRME & shooting 2 nature/underwater documentaries right now.

I created this website below for people interested with marine ecology of Mediterranean Sea. Build up a UW photography database for this purpose with 520 species together with my pictures of them.
I published a guide book on underwater fauna of Mediterranean Sea in 2012

for more videos and underwater pictures check out

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  1. Excellent video. Thank you for sharing.