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Well, where to begin.

I started by making really crappy movie shorts for a film class in high school and then transferred my love of theater to such.

I am currently enlisted in the United States Navy. there's not a whole lot of time to go out and shoot, but i try to make something out of it. I love being in the navy and all that is has given me so far.

After my enlistment, i plan on attending Flashpoint Academy here in Chicago. The school is absolutely astounding in every facet; the faculty are educated in the field, they are hardworking, and they know what a filmmaker, visual effects artist, and musician needs. on top of that, the equipment they use is top of the line. i'm not gonna go in to fine details, if ya wanna know more about them, they have videos here on vimeo.

right now i'm mainly writing down everything that seems to be a good idea for a film. i have a couple projects lined out for when i head out to sea, stuff to keep me occupied.

The good people at Vimeo have become a serious and continuing source of inspiration for me. It is astounding just how much talent is present. I hope all of you attain greatness.

Art is Life. And Vice Versa. Don't Deny it. Don't hide it. Just Live and Love it.


P.s. I am twenty years old, fairly handsome and single. Please be my friend.

- Much Love -


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