Bjorn van Iersel

Moergestel, Netherlands

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Im Bjorn van Iersel, 26

I have had different educations and courses, which I still practice nowadays. I have spend education at a diverse selection of school, gained experience abroad in England and Belgium.

During my internships I have had a split year at Icare / AVRO, where I mostly did multicam and ENG work in
combination with a junio editor function. At Team Facilities we had a mediatraining.
Had a Camjo experience at Oerol2008 for the AVRO Internet division. Last year I worked at TMZ | The Mute Zone, where I worked on a diverse range of corporate films and ‘video without camera’ productions. Here they also sparked my interest in more dynamic shots , like slider and steadicam. By now I am vollunteering at the local television network for over 9 years as a cameraman / editor.

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