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Hi Everyone... 

Welcome to my website and I hope you like my photographs,My Name is Ibrahem N. ALnassar and I am from Kuwait, Yarmouk,
 Photography is a great hobby, and I've been always dreaming of being a photographer & become a part of this amazing world. At once, I was confused on how and when I should start, as I needed someone to lead me and show me the way to it. 

So then I met my greatest friend, my brother, and my teacher Waleed Al-Motar. He offered me help, and was the key to open all the doors of the photography world, specially the wild life photography, and bird photography to be more specific. And I totally adore this type of photography. I also worked really hard on myself to be as good as I wanted to be.

My message to all the people who love photography, or who have the passion for it, or just even like it ! try to hold the camera and capture all the moments to start walking into this magnificent world. Maybe at first you might be upset or disappointed, but NEVER give up! just carry on and be proud of your style, your thoughts, your vision, and prove your creativity to all the people by showing an amazing unique work.

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