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  1. Chad Olson
  2. McKay Brothers
  3. teamfresh
  4. Emma McGirl
  5. ThreeHeadedMonster
  6. Waref Abu Quba
  7. Perry Anderson
  8. Monica Elkelv
  9. Kevin Van Witt
  10. Alex Morris
  11. Jaimie Durnell

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  1. Hi Chad, I have sent you an e-mail a while ago. Regards, Al flipit
  2. Hi Monica, I am a musician and have been scoring for film lately. I would like to give it a try with the music for your film, but would need some further info, like style references, duration, dead line, etc. If you have any footage ready, that…
  3. Hi Alex, What kind of music are you looking for? Could you give some examples? What is the documentary about and what is the mood of the section you are trying to find music for? Best regards, Al flipit
  4. Hi Jon, I have just sent you a track! Regards, Al flipit
  5. Hi Kevin, What kind of music are you looking for? And what about footage. Is there any online? Regards, Al flipit
  6. Hi Perry, I am thinking about using a kind of ethnic instruments to give it an approach to environment friendliness. It would sound "green". I would be glad to get some footage from you and score a short trial (about 30 seconds). What do you say? Regard
  7. Hi Waref, I have just sent you an e-mail. Regards, Al flipit
  8. Hi Jonathan, I have just sent you an e-mail to the above address. Regards, Al flipit