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Los Angeles

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Originally from Quezon City, Philippines, Leah grew up eating lumpia (eggrolls), playing under the sun, and running with her dogs. She studied at Trinity College and earned a BA in International Affairs, but quickly grew tired of the life of a wanna-be politician. Instead, she picked up a 35mm SLR camera... and was hooked. She went on to attend The American Film Institute (AFI) Conservatory, where she studied and earned her MFAin Cinematography. Equally adept at shooting video and film, Leah has delivered directors' visions in music videos, shorts, documentaries, and features. She is known for her ability to think quickly on her feet, her strong sense of framing, her love of light, and her collaborative spirit.


  1. The Tiffen Company
  2. Sony Professional USA
  3. Force Studios
  4. Focus Forward Films
  5. Gabriel Guerrero
  6. Drue Metz
  7. Laura Walker
  8. Black Joke