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  1. figshare

    figshare London


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    Scientific publishing as it stands is an inefficient way to do science on a global scale. A lot of time and money is being wasted by groups around the world duplicating research that has already been carried out. FigShare allows you to share all of your data, negative results and unpublished figures.…

  2. Hector H Hernandez

    Hector H Hernandez Boston


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  3. BioethicsBytes

    BioethicsBytes University of Leicester


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    BioethicsBytes is a project established and maintained by Chris Willmott at the University of Leicester, UK. It is a website that hosts a collection of resources to assist in the teaching of bioethics, with particular emphasis on multimedia materials (film, TV, streamed media) as case studies. The project…

  4. BioethicsBytes

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