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First off, the PartySnake is no myth. He’s the real deal and if you’re not careful he will bite. He’s everywhere, watching patiently, waiting for a slip-up, an opportunity to attack.
You may not yet know be aware of the PartySnake, giving you a false sense of security but you can be sure he knows you.
Still not sure what I’m getting at? Let me ask you this.
1. Have you ever woken up somewhere you don’t remember falling asleep?
2. Have you ever asked yourself “what happened?” the morning after a big night out with your buds?
3. Have you ever woken up in a panic checking pockets for your Wallet, Keys & cell phone?
4. After the relief of finding your wallet, have you ever been scared to look inside in fear of finding credit card receipts courtesy of your “midnight millionaire” alter ego who went places you’ve never been and spent money you don’t have?
5.Have you ever been told crazy stories of embarrassing things you have no recollection doing?
6. Have you ever done something with someone you probably wouldn’t have or shouldn’t have?
7. Have you ever told yourself “I’m never drinking again”?
If any of these scenarios sound familiar you’ve definitely been bit by the PartySnake.
He’s the reason those adult bevies get slipperier the more you have. The reason the first couple are so much fun. The reason that round of shots at last call always seems like the right choice. A little piece of the PartySnake lurks in every drink you have. The more you consume the more power he gains, until eventually he’s able to over power your brain and erase all memory of the horrible things he tricked you into doing with him and leaving you on your own the morning after to deal with the worst hangover of you life…
Its your duty to spread the word of the PartySnake with friends and loved ones.
Help protect them and help us expose the PartySnake to future generations so they can one day enjoy a fun night out with their buds without fear of what lurks in the darkness.

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