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  1. John Meneses
  2. n ≡ c ⋀ m ⋀ c h

    n ≡ c ⋀ m ⋀ c h Bogotá - COL


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    Proyecto personal cuyo ánimo de construir perspectivas dentro de un recorrido audiovisual, a través del video y la acción, plantea diversas lecturas sobre realidades sociales y nociones pre-establecidas, reflejadas en los siguientes trabajos artísticos y experiencias colectivas.…

  3. Daniel O'Connell

    Daniel O'Connell UK


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  4. Christopher Guinness

    Christopher Guinness Plus Trinidad and Tobago


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    Hello, I’m an animator and director from Trinidad and Tobago. Graduating from Sheridan College I have worked in the advertising industry as an Art Director at McCann Erickson and Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi and also served as President of the Caribbean chapter of the American Advertising…

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