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We are just getting Started. Honey is a supper food plus it's sweet and pretty. it's our second year but so far managed to give 10% of every drop of honey to local food banks in the form of baby bears and we are committed to I've all our profits to charities especially the fatherless and the widow's. We bee-ieve in America the richest people in the world every person should have someplace to lay there head and feel safe.

Right now we are looking for a product photographer but we thought it would be fun to do a contest or a challenge for a 2 min Video of honey because it will inspire even beginners since honey is so fun to work with especially the lighting. then we will pick from the winners (or who will take us on ) the person to do our product photos. depending on the number of entrants we could offer some free honey to work with. this would not be used as a marketing tool because frankly the website needs some serious help (don't we all)

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