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By getting together local professionals concerned in sustainability and global researchers GreenWabii wishes to promote a strong think group and initiate a powerful development of co-creation.

Greenwabii is a platform for research and reflection that aims to boost humanitarian action as a tool for development and implementation of sustainability in developing countries. The main goal is to raise investigations that are ongoing that may be applied to solve medium term or immediate problems in countries that are struggling to develop.
A layered experience that includes a series of simultaneous actions in order to stimulate reflection on the current development of these countries and bring together areas such as energy, technology, engineering, architecture, urbanism and sociology in favor of a development not only social but also sustainable.

Largely based on effective partnerships among individuals, communities, governments, businesses and academia. Our mission is to extend the theoretical and empirical research on sustainability, to cultivate awareness, to promote discussions of relevant solutions and policies, and to propel the configuration and sustainable growth of developing countries.

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