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Xindanwei, which literally means “New Work Unit,” is a co-working community which promotes and facilitates creativity, sharing, and the great scale of collaboration.

Co-working is more than just sharing physical space together; it’s a new way to connect with other out-of-the-box thinkers and proactive doers, which makes work not only more creative and productive, but also a whole lot more fun for everybody.

The core idea of Xindanwei is to combine the best elements of a workspace (productive, functional) with a social media platform (hybrid, real-time, efficient) and a creative hub (social, energetic, creative). This gives people their own workspace in a community, while also providing opportunities to share knowledge face-to-face, and to get inspired through collaboration with other members. A Xindanwei membership is evaluated and adjusted based on the value of each member’s contributions and interactions in the community.

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