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  1. Southern Culture on the Fly
  2. Shane Clevenger
  3. Ganesh Chatani
  4. Carter Nelson

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  1. Great vid. Wish I had access to some grassers.
  2. John Madert commented on rosa snooky2
    You did a fine job whippin' that snook,, young feller. He didn't stand a chance.
  3. John Madert commented on flamingo15
    A good vid, men. Well done.
  4. Quite good.
  5. John Madert commented on STF shrimp
    Can a sea trout resist this shrimp ? I think not.
  6. Nice work, Ganesh ... very fishy lookin' water you have there.
  7. John, can you explain the technique ? I see the float (strike indicator) ... but what about the fly ? Hook size ? etc.
  8. Nice conditions ... congrats on the OTF red.