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Zamir Shatz

Born in Kvutzat Kinneret , 1969

Lives and works in Tel-Aviv


1995-1999 Camera Obscura School of Art

Bachelor of Science Regents College, NY

1998 Hamidrasha - Beit Berl School of Art

2011-2012 MFA at Bezalel Academy of Arts

Group Shows

2000 “4 Video Artists” at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion (Tel-Aviv Museum of Art). Curator: Moti Omer

2001 Media Terra Art Festival, Athens, Greece

2002 Rosenfeld Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv

Curator: Diana Dallal

2002 “Beit Uri ve Rami Nechushtan”, Modern Art Museum, Ashdot Yaakov Kibbutz

2003 The Um el-Fahem Gallery

2003 “Mother Tongue” at the Ein Harod Museum, Curator: Tal Ben Zvi

2004 VIDEOZONE 2 at the CCA, Tel-Aviv, Curator: Sergio Edelstein

2005 “The Israelis” at Beit Kanner Municipal Gallery, Rishon Le-Zion. Curator: Galit Semel

2005 “Togetherness” at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion' Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Curator: Tali Tamir

2006 “Omanut Haaretz 5” Art Festival. Curator: Tal Ben Zvi

2008 VIDEOZONE 4 at the CCA, Tel-Aviv. Curators: Sergio Edelstein and Galit Eilat

2008 The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art. Curator: Tali Tamir

2008 “A Present” at the P8 Art Gallery, in Jaffa. Curator: Rakefet Winer Omer

2009 "Shizuf" (Tanning) at the P8 Art Gallery, in Jaffa. Curators: Rakefet Winer Omer and Anna Barshtensky

2010 "Redemption through the Sewers" at the IGUDAN – Dan Regional Association for Environmental Infrastructure. Curator: Galia Yahav

2010 VIDEOZONE 5 at the CCA, Tel-Aviv

2010 “Yom Shishi” at The Hanina Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curators: Yoav Efrati and Inbal Timor

2010 “Out of the box” Curated by Keren Bar Gill

2010 “mute” The politics of 'no sound' Curated by Liora Belford' CSP The Curatorial Studies Program Gallery

2011 "Gush" Ha'Midrasha Gallery Curated by Boaz Arad

2012 "There's meatball in the fridge" Ha'Midrasha Gallery Curated by Boaz Arad

2012 "Where Shall We Return" Rosenfeld Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv

Solo Exhibitions

2000 “The Dream Group and a Hunter” at the Heinrich Boll Foundation Art Space, Tel-Aviv.

Curator: Tal Ben Zvi

2002 “Yalla Netanya” at the Haifa Museum of Art.

Curator: Judith Metzkel

2008 “The story of Kooka” at the Rosenfeld Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv.

Curator: Diana Dallal

2013 "Ecce Homo, like a child" Ha Midrasha gallery of art

Curator: Boaz Arad

2014 "Postime" Rosenfeld gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv.

Funding Grants

1998-1999 America-Israel Cultural Foundation Fund

1999 Danny Zakaim Fund

2003 CCA’s Fund for Video-Art and Experimental Cinema in Israel

2005 Grant from the New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and TV

2011-2012 Excellence scholarship Bezalel Academy of Arts

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