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  1. It's odd - some PCs definitely run better with Windows 7 than XP, and some don't. For example, I just put Windows 7 on an old Dell Dimension that had XP SP3, and it certainly boots quicker, and runs smoother, plus the fan is quieter. On the other…
  2. VooD commented on Windows 7 vs XP SP3
    In my experience not every game runs better at Windows7, but in general you are right. I think the answer is DrectX11, the different memory management in Windows 7 and that service which gives preference to graphics/audio over anything else. Abouts…
  3. Im gaming maniac, not pc expert :) But one thing I notice, all my games including GTA IV and Crysis it works better on win 7 and vista. I dont know, but maybe is XP better for 3D rendering, rip DVD....some games even crash on XP, do u have any idea…