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  1. Very good Bohdan.Shit...I need to get down there and film gliders along those cliffs..spectacular
  2. Well done Chris. Looked fun.
  3. You bloody beauty!!! No power lines anywhere..
  4. Great edit Ben....makes me want to go flying.
  5. Michael Amazing!!! I am an amateur film maker (at best ) and your work In this clip has me speechless. Being an Aussie myself I am In awe of the scenery and the way you have captured it and shared it with us. Wow! I have always been a video camera…
  6. Hello. Very good video. Well done. My I ask your technique for stabilization please.Type of camera, Set up in flight and post production work? Very impressive.
  7. Awesome Video Tex. I just sold all my free flight gear....bugger!!! Well done mate.