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The Chicago 8 is the true story of the notorious 1968 trial that resulted when seven leaders of an anti-war movement, and a member of the Black Panthers, were charged with conspiracy to incite devastating riots in Chicago. Desperate to stop what they saw as an “immoral war”, this group was ready to take on the establishment, express their freedom of speech by all means necessary, while paying a price for their actions. Never in America’s history has youthful protest captured society’s imagination nor polarized it to such a degree.

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  1. Balls Out!!! Nice job Laurence. Stay safe and keep up the good work. Your Pal, James Mathers
  2. fuckin-A!!! stoked!!! :)
  3. Exciting and thought provoking, this righteous, historical, timely film will reach the hearts and souls of all who seek truth and justice!!