Perrine - La Fraicheur

Montreal, QC

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French, born and raised, Montreal based little do-it-all, in here you can see the music videos i make for the sweet bands that touch a soft spot inside me, from around the world, even though so far, mostly french, canadian and american artists.
they create astonishing melodies. i'm just trying to keep up really.

the rest of what my hands do you can see on my website, and if you wish to contact me, there is my email there, feel free!


  1. Loup Blaster
  2. Jonathan Hearn
  3. weareenfantterrible
  4. Bonjay
  5. An Horse
  6. pamelahuteofficial
  7. Jamie Harley
  8. Sarah Bastin
  9. Klip Collective
  10. Amelia Shaw
  11. Dare To Care Records
  12. gachette of the mastiff
  13. 88mph
  14. MarquisMontes
  15. Sebastien Desrosiers
  16. char2d2