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For more than 30 years Peter Degerfeldt of Blue Sky have been filming action adventure.

From the fast jets of the Swedish Airforce, to Mount Everest and Antartica, I have met every challenge with a film camera.
More than 4000 skydives, many BASE jumps, hours of logged air time in Jet fighters and helicopters. A ware house of specialized equipment.
Credits from oscar nominated feature-films, IMAX, 3D, commercials, documentaries and world records at your service.
Stabilized filming in any format from IMAX, RED Epic 6K, Alexa, Sony F55, Sony F65, 35mm or HD. We also have special 3D brackets.
GSS 520 & Shotover F1 works on any platform, Helicopter, boat, car, crane etc wireless.
We also have a Cineflex V14 HD,

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