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Raleigh, NC

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Drawing from his international roots, Mathew Curran has developed a unique and personal style, which transcends a half dozen different mediums. Over the past decade, he has drawn from street life and hip-hop culture to focus primarily on stencil work. Curran was born in Northamptonshire, England in 1979, and came to the United States as a teenager. His early years were in uenced by American teen skateboarding culture, with its random
and unchecked energy and raw sense of possibility. After studying ne art and graphic design at UNC Greensboro, Curran began to perfect techniques in wood, spray paint and ink. He also began experimenting with new subjects, including distorted gures and industrial objects, all the while retaining the urban street-art energy and style. It was through his stencil art that Curran felt he was best able to capture the virility and stamina of street life, and he devoted his post college years to developing a style based on forceful lines and subtle uses of background color. By combining personal experience with his techniques, Curran has become able to duplicate the street-life intensity level, regardless of subject.
In the past few years, Curran has focused on his stencil work, and has remained at the forefront of the Raleigh arts scene by contributing to public works in Moore Square and at the North Carolina Museum of Art. He has also worked as a graphic artist, and has worked on fusing his work with computer aided design. His work has been displayed in galleries from his native England to Tokyo.

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