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Bruce Nachbar is a film and television producer with extensive experience in production and post-production across many genres (Feature Film. Network and Cable Television, documentary) and budget ranges.

Projects he has been involved with have been: Academy Award nominated and winners; Cannes Festival Award winner; multiple Sundance Film Festival award winners; multiple Emmy Award winners; multiple Golden Globe winners, amongst various other accolades.

Bruce has worked in a production management capacity for Academy Award winning film MONSTERS, INC, as a producer on Emmy and Golden Globe winning television shows THE WONDER YEARS and HOUSE, M.D., as a producer on Sundance Film Festival award winning film NOVEMBER, and as a producer on Cannes Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival award winning film ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW, amongst many other projects.

Areas of expertise include strategic planning, client relations, story development, budgeting, scheduling, on-set supervision & collaboration and editing & audio mix supervision.

Presently Bruce is located in Tokyo Japan, working as a film and television producer. He has numerous film and television projects in various stages of development, production and post-production, which include: CHOCO BON BON (indie feature); PANCAKES (indie feature); and FACE OF JAPAN (TV reality series). He is also currently developing the North American remake of the Japanese television show Hajimete No Otsukai, in partnership with Hakuhodo, with whom he is also developing a television series for Japanese TV. Additionally he works on a freelance basis with SET JAPAN, a leading Tokyo-based creative agency on projects ranging from documentaries for National Geographic to TVCMs for Telstra (leading Australian telecom) and Nomura FInancial to corporate branding videos for Japan Paper and Barclays Bank.

Bruce is a rare commodity in Japan; a Hollywood-trained producer with a desire to contribute to the Asian film and television production world. It is his desire to take the best aspects of western production techniques and sensibilities and fuse them with the unique creative visions of Pan-Asia content creators.

He has applied the aesthetic developed on award-winning high budget projects to productions with challenging finances. Bruce continually employs the latest technological developments to support creative and budgetary needs of a project. He is an independent initiator, team player and teacher/mentor at various workshops, panels and with individual filmmakers.

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