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Jonathan Hopkins is an award-winning writer/director who can often be found contemplating artificial intelligence, alien planets and ancient unseen evil…and how to make movies about them. A born storyteller, his work is known for its high production values and escapist imagination.

Jonathan’s favourite genres are sci-fi, comedy, horror and fantasy. Robert Zemeckis, Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg and Roald Dahl are among his greatest influences.

Jonathan’s short films and commercials have garnered numerous awards and nominations worldwide and notched up millions of hits online. His first short Goodbye Mr. Snuggles was selected for the Sundance Film Festival and the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, marking him as one of one of the world’s most promising directors in advertising. Jonathan has since directed over 100 commercials for brands such as Sony, Yeo Valley, eBay, Lay’s, McDonalds, Cadbury’s, Peugeot and Malibu. In 2015 he directed the party political broadcast for the Green Party in the UK general election.

Jonathan is currently writing and developing several TV and feature film projects. His debut feature film Slumber, a horror co-penned with Bloodlist writer Richard Hobley, is slated for a January 2016 production. It will be produced by The Tea Shop & Film Co. and Goldcrest Films.

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