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Production, direction, camera, editing. Since my first productions in 2003, I've worked extensively as a film maker in all of the above departments.

The work you see here has taken me all over the world. Be it knee-deep in the Tagabe River squatter camps of Vanuatu or in the deepest jungles of the Congo; from the snowiest forests of The Rockies, Colorado to iciest Arctic Russia. Whether snowboarding with 20kg of film equipment down a luge or being sandwiched by a heard of Austrian horses threatening to collar my tripod, my work has dragged me through some extraordinary experiences and introduced me to some amazing people & cultures. I hope you enjoy these clips.

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  1. Great film. Now they just need to build a house with 100 solar panels in each town, to use the natural sun to replace the use of gas & oil.
  2. Absolutely revolutionary, fabulous, magical, heartening, and moving ... wonderful work going on here!!