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  1. gary nadeau

    gary nadeau Plus NJ via NYC via CLEVELAND


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    Director | Screenwriter garynadeau@gmail.com www.garynadeau.com Commercial Representation // LAIR http://www.lair.tv 212-924-1429 http://twitter.com/garynadeau http://www.facebook.com/DirectorGaryNadeau

  2. Salomon Ligthelm

    Salomon Ligthelm Plus NYC


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    nyc based director Stink . Global . www.stink.co Gang . France . www.gangfilms.com web --- www.ligthelm.work

  3. John Charter

    John Charter PRO LA


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    John Charter has directed visually driven work for a wide range of brands and bands including Guess, IMAX, Red Bull, Cellars, and Magic Wands. Recent films include the short documentary “Barbara” and the creature art film “REMISSION.” He is originally from Colusa, California and…

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