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Sun Valley Magazine is the result of a commitment to celebrating life and its many facets here in the Wood River Valley in Central Idaho as paradise, we are not immune to the challenges that affect the outside world, nor, are we critical of the lifestyles of those “less fortunates” who don’t call this Valley home. But everyone needs reminding sometimes of the reasons they live anywhere and it is our position at this magazine that this is our raison de’etres. It gets us up everyday and out asking “Tell me something I don’t know . . .” asking the movers and shakers as well as the workers and families who let us in so we can fill you in on the stories that are the fabric of our life here.

Everyone at this magazine lives what we write about, or knows someone who does. Our goal is to break down the barriers, open eyes, occasionally bring tears, but to always leave a mark on your memory. Our hope is that if you live here too, or just love it here like we do, then some aspect of our magazine resonates.

We don’t claim to be all things to all people, but we are a magazine of the people and written for the people of the Wood River Valley and beyond. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. And it’s one we work hard to perpetuate through all of our publications be it the bi-annual coffee table-worthy Sun Valley Magazine, or our sensible and solution-driven HOME magazine. We’ve created Golf and Hockey magazines for those sports fans and also tackle projects in our custom publishing division that don’t conflict with our mission and high standards, but which allow us to keep bringing you the quality photography and writing that keeps readers coming back.

Although a locally-based magazine, we don’t shy from regional stories and in fact our publications are sold nationally in airports and through Barnes and Noble bookstores.

Thank you for sharing your world so we can share it with others.

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