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Hanson Media House is a creative agency for digital and film content. We produce ads, commercials, documentaries, event coverage, live music events, music videos, reality television and feature films for television and the web. Our creative teams are tailor-made to fit your particular needs. Let us tell your story in the most compelling ways.

TV Producer and Film Director Christopher Hanson started Hanson Media House in Charleston S.C. in the fall of 2012. A three-time Emmy award winning producer, Hanson has been working in Film and Television since 1996.

Hanson's first foray into film was when he co-wrote and directed the feature film Scrapple, about a house of ski bums living in the fictional town of Ajax, Colorado in the 1970s. Shot in Telluride, Scrapple remains a Colorado cult-movie classic. Hanson next directed the feature documentary about Widespread Panic called The Earth Will Swallow You as well as the live concert DVD Widespread Panic, Live at Oak Mountain.

In 2007, Hanson returned to Telluride, Colorado to work for Plum TV. He was the General Manager and worked as a morning-show Director and Producer. He produced hundreds of hours of Plum TV content including three original TV programs; the talk show Minds of Mountainfilm, the music show Mountain Tracks, and the afternoon variety show Apres Ski, starring comedian Jeb Berrier. He also directed the daily morning show Fresh Tracks with Ramona Bruland, host of the X-Games in 2013-14.

Unscripted TV experience includes field producing for Original Productions in Texas and Alaska on American Hoggers (A&E) and Ice Road Truckers (The History Channel), and in Charleston, SC on Southern Charm (Bravo) and Chicken Soup for the Soul's Hidden Heroes currently on CBS.

Recent projects include work for CBS, NBC, NBCSN, ESPN, and the Golf Channel.

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