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  1. Dave Dugdale
  2. Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes
  3. Jacques Magazine
  4. Drew Munro
  5. WTM
  6. James Munson
  7. Marlon Torres
  8. Tom Guilmette
  9. Southern Souls

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  1. Nice work...
  2. Great Band! This is what we lost over the past few decades: Young groups that perform with instrument. Write songs with feelings. Taking it from the family room to the stage. There's no limit for this band; just keep writing and playing. Oh,…
  3. Big fan of Mitch. This band amazes me. They all seem to pull it off. Questions: Is Julianna planing on returning that Fender amp? How is it that everyone in the band has vintage top of the line equipment? How old is Julianna?