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Biographical notes | Ilaria Margutti
Ilaria Margutti was born in Modena in 1971.
He attended the Art Institute of Sansepolcro and Urbino and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 1997.
Her paintings over the years have been published in magazines of contemporary art, the best known: Flash Art, Espoarte and Arte Mondadori.
Since 2000 exhibits particularly in private contemporary art galleries: Janinebeangallery – Berlin; Wannabeegallery - San Diego (USA) and Milan( Italy); MLBhomegallery- Ferrara(FE); Bontadosi ArtGallery - Montefalco (PG), but also on projects for the diffusion of contemporary art at the Museo Civico in Sansepolcro (AR) Italy.
Since 2007 began to include the technique of embroidery in her paintings, to become the language that best represents her poetry.
The year 2008 sees his finalists in three international awards: Art Laguna Art Prize (Venice), the Mondadori Art Prize (Milan) and Embroideres' Guild of Birmingham (UK).
In 2010 she is in Ivory Coast for a project supported by the Italian Consulate in an exchange between artists for the restoration of culture in countries overwhelmed by civil war: “De L'Esprit e de L'Eau “- Abidjan, Cotè d'Ivoire
The same year she was engaged in some solo shows with the collection "the thread of the imperfect" in Bitonto for the festival of contemporary art, Sabaudia and Latin at the Museum of Emilio Greco.
The exhibition, "8 March" sponsored by the city of Arezzo by Igino Materazzi, sees her work alongside that of major international artists such as Marina Abramovic, Gina Pane, Vanessa Beecroft, Margherita Manzelli, and others.
In 2011, presents her new work "Skin | Silence" at the Wannabee Gallery in Milan by Viviana Siviero.
She is invited to exhibit at the Italian Pavilion at the Nervi Hall in Turin for the 54° Venice Biennale.
In March 2012 she will exhibit at the Biennale of FiberPhiladelphia, Philadelphia (USA)-
Lives and works in Sansepolcro (AR), where he teaches drawing and art history at the high school.


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