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Gordon Lights represents a collective effort of many members and friends of the Gordon family from Plano, TX. Gordon Lights' purpose is to promote all that is fun, cheerful, and entertaining about the Christmas season. This is accomplished through an elaborate residential animated Christmas light display that operates from Thanksgiving through at least January 6th or whenever the Gordons decide it's time to put everything away and work on the following year's display (whichever comes later).

The mastermind behind the effort is Fabian Gordon, a life-long musician who loves electronics and is the Chief Technology Officer of a Frisco, TX based software/services company. His style of design, music selection, and interpretation and arrangement of musically-synchronized lighting has attracted people from all parts of the world and has received the praise of other lighting enthusiasts and commercial interests.

The Gordon family proudly presents videos of the results of their efforts here on Vimeo, and extends an invite to all who wish to see this display in person. Videos are great, but seeing it live is simply amazing!

Peace out!

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