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The Averill and Bernard Leviton A + D Gallery is part of the Art + Design Department at Columbia College Chicago. The gallery's mission is to present professional exhibitions and educational programming that encompasses the broadest possible definition of visual art and design. This is a direct reflection of the pedagogical diversity of the Art + Design Department and the vast array of ideas, media, and techniques explored by artists today. The gallery presents emerging and established artists whose work reflects any of the nine disciplines taught in the department including Fine Arts, Interior Architecture, Illustration, Fashion Design, Advertising, Art Direction, Product Design, Graphic Design, and Art History.

The gallery's primary focus is on process and the development of ideas into art. Exhibitions at A + D Gallery promote understanding of the artistic process by exhibiting works in progress side-by-side with finished pieces; these can be preliminary drafts and sketches, notes and other generative materials an artist may use to process ideas into finished artwork.

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