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  1. MelbourneDSLR

    MelbourneDSLR Melbourne, Aus


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    Melbourne based DSLR/Video group for beginners to advanced users. Monthly meet ups, gear reviews, project presentations, advice & generally a social time.

  2. purefocusfilms



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    PureFocusFilms is a brand new production company based in Lincolnshire UK. We specialise in producing short films for businesses, families and anyone else who wants to tell a story through the medium of film. Please take a look through our portfolio to give you an idea of what we're about.

  3. Giovanni C. Lorusso

    Giovanni C. Lorusso Plus Australia


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    O muse, o alto ingegno, or m'aiutate; o mente che scrivesti ciò ch'io vidi, qui si parrà la tua nobilitate.

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