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First Person View have been offering customers the best FPV gear combined with the best possible service and support since March 2008. You’ll be pleased to know that the FPV team have been flying FPV for longer and collectively flying radio controlled models for a lot longer than that! We are experienced when it comes to the world of RC vehicles!

We recognised from the beginning that quad/hexacopters were a perfect fit with FPV flying which lead to us selling our first quad copter kit in Feb 2010, making us the first company in the UK to do this!

Throughout the years the advances in quad and hexacopter design have been remarkable and we proudly remain up to date with these innovative products and intend to see them progress more and more into the future.

At First Person View we highly value our customers and our team will be happy to answer any of your queries that you may have.

You can contact us by phone or by email on the website so please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Simon and the team at First Person View.


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