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ExTV is The School of the Art Institute’s student-run* broadcast platform. We showcase the challenging and engaging work of SAIC students, faculty, staff and alumni. Our mission is to offer a variety of continual and exciting opportunities for members of the community to show, share, and curate time-based work of all genres. ExTV is always accepting submissions to be added to our programs and post calls for entries, conducts a time-based art exchange with other schools, supports SAIC community events, and collaborates with Visiting Artists. ExTV was originally known as SAICTV, and was founded by student government officer Amanda Ondrick in 1997 to show student work on-campus.
ExTV programs can be found:
On our website as part of our online exhibitions
On monitors around campus (2nd Floor Columbus Building, Sharp Monitors)
On CANTV, local cable access channel
On the big screen at student events such as the Undergraduate Student Film/Video Festival

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