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Expect Miracles Productions specializes in documentary and narrative films, commercials, web promotion videos, and emerging media platforms. The company is currently working on a series of promotional web ads for Feeney Farm, The National Guitar Museum, and is developing its first narrative feature film.

With the goal of bringing a life-changing experience to more people, Doug Seirup began developing the well received documentary feature, Expect Miracles, and recruited Brean Cunningham along the way forthe production of it.

Together, the two created an inspiring film that is a reminderof the best in life, compassion, understanding, friendship, family, and love. Upon completion of the film, Doug and Brean decided to partner and create Expect Miracles Productions.

EMP is dedicated to projects that focus on the good in life. While this may take a little more effort sometimes, EMP believes you will find what you look for in the world. EMP chooses to look for the good in people and bring projects to life that can impact others and effect positive change.

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