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Simone Tripodi:

Hu man being love film,
class 1974
borned in Rome
Loves in Manchester!!

Having the sensibility and the capabilities to touch delicate subjects working around and with the subject matter, in fact over the last ten years my work as independent film maker I have been mainly focused on social issues and cultural themes and I had the ability to enter and deal with a wide spectrum of communities and ethnic minorities most of them which are hardly accessible to the public media.
In fact in recent years my interest is been around projects and productions that are focusing on subjects such as:visual ethnography,transferring cultures in other countries and and cross cultural productions mostly with the aim and objective to create ethical and meaningful awareness campaigns.

As I had the chance to work alongside award winning sound department so I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge as a music producer and sound designer to the moving image having so the flexibility to work on an extensive range of productions mainly around Europe.

Making production work in the specific visual ethnographer, I believe that TV's and production are more willing to empower people and in this case young generations in order and give them opportunity to enhance their skills and talent in order to enrich their growth and their development as individuals and human beings.

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